Guess Their Answer plays a lot like a TV game show. You’ve got a short amount of time to guess the top six answers to a question. The more you get, the more points you earn.

You’re playing against an opponent who’s trying to do the same. There are three rounds and whoever’s got the most points at the end of them is crowned as the winner.

We’ve uncovered some hints, tips and cheats that we think are going to make sure you’re always getting every answer, and we’ve combined them into this handy guide. Read on to ensure you’re winning every time you play.

Type fast

In all honesty, accurate spelling is the least of your worries. If you get somewhere close to the wore you’re hoping for – and sometimes even if you don’t – the game is going to recognize it and give you the points.

Speed is of the essence, so don’t fret about deleting spelling mistakes. In fact, it’s quicker to bash enter and start typing again than it is to head back and correct a word. Play fast and you’re going to come out on top.

Be obvious

The obvious answers are usually the right ones. Always go with the first thought that comes into your head when you read the question – chances are it’s going to be pretty high scoring.

Don’t dig around in your head for the obscure answers in hopes of sneaking a win – even if they are there, they’re not going to score you many points. Aim for the obvious and you won’t go too far wrong.

Keep an eye on your opponent

When your opponent gets an answer right, the game will show you. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for these, since typing them in again is going to waste your time.

There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing a big answer, typing it in and finding out your opponent has already used it. Keep one eye on the other player and you’ll do just fine.

Try a different way

Sometimes when you guess an answer and it’s wrong, it’s because you’ve put it in in the wrong way. One prime example of this is putting ‘mobile’ instead of ‘phone’.

If you think an answer is right, and you haven’t seen your opponent put it in, try and think of another way of phrasing it. You’ll be surprised how often this works.

Round three can win it for you

Even if you’re behind coming into the last round, there’s a chance you can still win it all. That’s because in round three all of your points are tripled. So long as you got one answer in either of the other rounds, you’re in with a chance.

Put everything you’ve learned above into practice and you’re still in with a shot. Of course, it’s better to have smashed the first two rounds and only need a couple of answers in the third to polish your foe off, but remember you’re always in with a chance.

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