Sculpt People is a game about sculpting people, shock horror. You start off with a lump of clay and it’s up to you to manipulate it into the shape that your customer is looking for.

There are plenty of layers to the experience and questions you’re probably going to want answering. Which is where these hints, tips and cheats come in. Follow this guide and all of your clay-sumers will be leaving with a big smile on their face.

Complete every part of the build

The game gives you a chance to tap a big green tick and move on to the next section of the build when you’ve completed a set amount of some tasks. Don’t take the opt out though, keep going until the game moves you on automatically.

It’s much better to finish every task, that way you’re going to get the best score possible at the end of the round. The more you do, the more coins you’re going to get.

Should I watch the videos?

The videos that increase your coin score aren’t really worth it. With your regular earnings you’re going to have enough coins to spend them when you need to.

It’s always worth watching the videos to get new items and to serve VIP customers. New items will make your builds even better, and VIP customers give you more money and more challenging tasks.

Check what the customer wants

Every customer brings with them an image of what they want. Sometimes it’s a drawing or a photo, other times it’s just a few words scribbled on a sheet of paper. Refer back to it often to make sure you’re making the right choices.

Sometimes that’s going to mean making decisions about the color and shape of items you’re using. With pictures that’s easy enough, but with words it’s a bit tougher. Just make sure you use common sense, and complete every part of the build.

Tips for VIP customers

The above holds true for VIPs, but there are some extra layers when it comes to serving your most demanding customers. For one thing you’re going to have to box your creation. Don’t worry too much about that, just spray the packing pellets until they run out and pop the lid on.

Sometimes you won’t have the item you need, but you’ll be able to unlock it by watching a video or buying it. Make sure you do that – the accuracy of VIP builds is really important, and watching a video or spending some coins isn’t too high a price to pay.

Picking your clay

More often than not some of the lumps of clay you can choose are going to be locked behind videos. Pick the free one that’s closest to the shade you’re going to need to finish your build.

It’s very rare that you’re going to be penalized for having the wrong shade, so long as you make sure you do all of the carving before you move on to the accessories and painting.

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