Riding Extreme 3D is a game about riding down hills as fast as you can. You’re in control of steering your push bike and you need to weave through the pack, avoid obstacles and get to the finish line.

It might sound simple, but there’s actually a bit of depth here that you’re going to want to get to grips with if you want to get the best scores. That’s where these hints, tips and cheats come in. Follow our Riding Extreme 3D guide and you’ll be winning every race.

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How to get extra cash

The most important part of the race is the end. That’s because that’s where you get your coins. When you cross the finish line you’ll leap through the air. There are numbers on the ground or in a wall in front of you that represent the coins you can win.

You want to aim for the highest number – that way you’re going to get the most coins. And when you’ve done that, you’ll want to watch a video to increase that amount of coins. However…

Be quick with your multiplier

Don’t waste your time umming and aahing over whether you should multiply. The quicker you tap to watch the video, the bigger the multiplier you’re going to get.

In simple terms, getting five times as many coins is better than getting four. Be ready to tap, especially when you’ve got a massive amount of coins already – multiplying them is going to let you spend even more.

Knocks don’t matter

Smashing into other riders isn’t required, but it also won’t penalize you. You might slow down ever-so-slightly, but it’s such a tiny amount that you’re barely even going to notice.

It’s also a good way to thin out the field and make sure you’re in the best position to win the race when you get to the end. Trees, on the other hand, will smash up your bike and force you to retry the level. Avoid them at all costs.

How to upgrade

You’ve got three stats to upgrade – speed, steering and the coins you win at the end of the level. You’ll want to upgrade your speed the most, but don’t forget to add a few coins to the others as well, especially the coin bonus.

When you don’t have enough cash you can watch videos to increase your stats as well. If you’re getting your multipliers right, you won’t need to start doing this until well into the game though.

Look for shortcuts

There’s an arrow on the top of the screen that shows you the direction of the finish line. Sometimes the path takes you in circuitous ways and you can pick your own line through the trees and scenery.

Not all of these shortcuts are going to pay off, but look for any advantage you can take and you’ll soon find yourself crossing the finish line in first place every time.