Get Rich is a game about trading stocks, buying real estate and making as much money as you can. There’s an awful to get to grips with, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Which is why we’ve written this guide that’s packed full of helpful hints, tips, tricks and cheats. 

Follow these and you’ll be earning money hand over fist in no time. Even if you’ve been playing the game for a while, we reckon you’re going to find this walkthrough super useful, so give it a read.

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Buy low, sell high

This is the driving principle of the whole game. When you’re trading stocks you want to buy for as low as possible and sell for the most money possible. When the graph is close to the bottom of the screen, that’s when you should be buying.

When it’s close to the top, that’s when you should sell. You’ll feel vibrations when the line of the graph is going to change direction, so get ready to buy or sell depending on which direction it shifts in.

Don’t be tempted by bling

You can spend your money on new watches, cars and houses, but it’s much smarter to save it for more trading. Once you’ve bought everything else, then you can think about getting something nice for yourself.

Why is this the case? Put simply, stuff you buy for yourself doesn’t give you any extra income. It might be nice having a big house in real life, but in Get Rich it’s just a waste of your capital.

Invest when you can

Investments are a great way to make sure you’re earning a regular income. You’ll get an alert when you’ve got enough money to invest in planes, boats or real estate. Look at what you can afford and make the most sensible choice.

This is going to get you a big chunk of money at the end of each week, and it’s a good idea to watch a video to increase that amount. Remember, the more investments you’ve got, the bigger the rent check you’ll receive at the end of the week.

Collect your bitcoin

Bitcoin accrue even when you’re not playing, and they can give you a massive cash boost. Change them into cash and you’ll see your coffers getting even bigger. There’s tricks you can pull to get even more too.

Watch the videos to increase the value of your bitcoin and you’ll soon be pulling in huge amounts every time you cash out. It’s sensible to spend the first few bitcoin you get on increasing how many you mine per hour as well. Don’t forget to check in and cash out, the game won’t remind you unless you tell it to.

Get more cash

There are always ways to get more cash in Get Rich. Keep an eye out for video options at the top of the screen – these will often add 50% or more of your earnings, which isn’t to be sniffed at. Bonus levels can really help you earn more as well.

It’s a good idea to watch videos to increase your bonus level earnings and your rent checks – those are usually the biggest rewards so increasing them by 30% is going to give you the biggest boost. 

Top tip – when you tap to collect, make sure you don’t accidentally tap the ad banner at the bottom of the screen, this will play a video and you’ll lose everything you should have earned. It’s really annoying, so be super careful to avoid it.