Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream is, as you might have been able to guess, a game all about a man with a pumpkin for a butt. It sees you leaping up a series of towers, avoiding spikes, pitfalls, ghost-filled graves and a whole bunch of other obstacles as you strive to escape the dream world and return to real life. 

And while it might sound like the perfect game for halloween, a new content update is set to add some Christmas themed levels. After all, nothing celebrates the holidays better than a bit of comedy horror-themed jumping.

You control everything with a single finger. Pumpkinbutt sprints along the floors of the tower, and it’s up to you to pick the perfect time for him to jump up to the next one. He’ll change direction when he hits a wall, or plummet to his death if there’s nothing to stop him.

There are skulls scattered around every level, and achievements waiting for anyone who manages to bag them all. You’re going to need to have fast fingers if you want to earn them though. Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream offers just the right amount of challenge to those who go looking for it. And you don’t need to be connected to the internet to enjoy it, either.

The new update isn’t just bringing a bit of festive sparkle to proceedings. It’s also going to lessen the frequency of ads in the game, improve the level progression and add a new Super Spire level. That’s a lot of goodies in one update.

You can pick up Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream from the App Store and the Google Play Store right this second.

It won’t cost you anything, but there’s an IAP that lets you get rid of the interstitial and after death ads if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.