Hundreds of games come out for mobile every month. So many that trying to play them all would probably drive you a bit mad. But how else are you going to know which games are worth spending your hard earned time and cash on? Well, by reading this list, obviously. 

We’ve picked the very best games that have come out in November 2020, and grouped them together in a handily digestible and incredibly popular online format. We reckon there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for something to take up weeks, minutes, or any amount of time in between the two.

Think we’ve missed something? Got your own suggestions for games that should have been included? Make sure you chuck them in the comments section at the bottom of the article, then. Before that, though, here are what we think are the best mobile games of November 2020. 

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A gorgeous and engaging puzzle adventurer from the developer behind Milkmaid of the Milky Way. This one sees you exploring an island to the north of Norway, trying to uncover its secrets. There’s also a magical bracelet with super powers thrown into the mix.

This is a story driven experience, and the choices you make are going to change the way the game plays out. An enticing and wonderful way to spend a few hours of your time.

Download Embracelet from the App Store

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

What happens when you combine a world-smashing zombie franchise with a series of games about building bridges? Well, you end up with something that’s surprisingly brilliant. Something like Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

The game mixes together ideas from both with aplomb, adding new bridge building exploits and styles to complement the shambling hordes of zombies. It’s fun, it’s smart and it’s going to leave you grinning. 

Download Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead from the App Store and Google Play Store

The First Tree

A 3D adventure game that’s about life, death and love. It deals with those massive themes by telling two stories – one about a lost fox, the other about a boy trying to reconnect with his father in the Alaskan wilds.

The game is gorgeous and it’s going to stick with you long after you’ve finished playing. It’s only a couple of hours long, but there’s more than enough here to make it well worth downloading.

Download The First Tree from the App Store and Google Play Store

The Pocket Arcade

The Pocket Arcade does pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to do with a name like that. Rather than just one game, it’s a collection of them. There’s a nostalgic twang to everything here, and it’s going to appeal to anyone who spent time in real-life arcades growing up.

Throw in some simple tabletop games, a pretty darn cool interface and the fact you don’t have to be online to play and you’ve got yourself a winner for sure.

Download Pocket Arcade from the App Store and Google Play Store

Quest Hunter

A co-op action RPG adventure that sees you delving into a bunch of dungeons to find loot, upgrade your skills and thwack anything that moves with a big spade. It’s good in single player, but it’s great when you bring a friend along.

The cool thing about Quest Hunter is that you can play it cross platform – teaming up with friends playing on other systems to take down massive bosses and help each other out of tricky situations. 

Download Quest Hunter from the App Store

DeLight: The Journey Home

A really interesting game about a girl blinded during a war and her journey back home to find her family. It’s emotional, engaging, and features some really interesting gameplay ideas that give you some idea of what sightless life is like.

There are puzzles to solve, QTEs to complete and a seeing-eye dog to bond with as well. DeLight: The Journey Home is a fresh and unique experience that’s well worth spending some time with.

Download DeLight: The Journey Home from the App Store and Google Play Store

XCOM 2: Collection

The complete edition of one of the best strategy games ever. The aliens have won, taken over the world, and it’s up to you to lead a squad of rebels into battle to try and reclaim the earth.

Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s also absolutely brilliant. This is a game you’re going to lose weeks of your life to if you’re not careful. And you’re going to enjoy every second of it. 

Download XCOM 2: Collection from the App Store

Hellopet House

A charming mix of cooking and home decorating. You’re doing up a house, and trying to look after a bunch of adorable critters along the way. There are shades of virtual pet thrown in for good measure as well.

Hellopet House is going to put a smile on your face. It’s not exactly challenging, but it’s a great way to fill a few spare minutes here and there. And it’s got loads of cats and dogs in it, which is pretty great too.

Download Hellopet House from the App Store and Google Play Store


A narrative driven experience split into five different chapters. Each of them focuses on a different emotion, and each of them is going to make you think a little deeper about life, the universe and everything. Which is pretty damn cool. 

Lineweight has a unique style, it’s brilliantly written and there’s a whole bunch of content to sink your teeth into. This is a game that’s going to stretch your grey matter in some really interesting ways.

Download Lineweight from the App Store and Google Play Store


An action RPG with a shop-owning twist. You’re not just smashing up monsters and grabbing loot to toughen yourself up, you’re doing it so you can stock the shelves of your emporium. It’s an interesting idea and it works really well.

Chuck in some roguelite and town-building elements, and an intuitive control system designed specifically for this mobile version, and you’ve got a huge, highly polished experience that’s going to have you coming back for more.

Download Moonlighter from the App Store

Tomb Toad

A dungeon crawler with chunky pixel art graphics that sees you rotating the world to move. It’s part puzzler, part action adventure and all fun. 

With more than 100 levels to work your way through, giant bosses to take down and traps and puzzles to figure out, there’s a lot of game here. It’s smart, it’s entertaining, and it does everything you want it to do.

Download Tomb Toad from the App Store and Google Play Store

Space Marshals 3

The third game in the Space Marshals series offers more of the same. Which means top-down action, cool hats and a bit of sneaking thrown in for good measure.

The levels are tight and exciting, and there’s a solid story that’s going to keep you pushing through the more difficult sections. 

Download Space Marshals 3 from the App Store and Google Play Store

Trivia Crack Adventure

A multiplayer mixture of a board game and a quiz show. Roll dice, answer questions and try to get to the end of the 3D board before your online competitor. 

This is a shiny, entertaining game that you’re going to dip in and out of on a regular basis. It’s not the toughest, but the extra dimension of playing against real people makes things all the more interesting.

Download Trivia Crack Adventure from the App Store and Google Play Store

MO: Astray

A squishy, side-scrolling platformer that sees you exploring the ruins of human civilization. You’re a mutated blob with special powers, and it’s up to you to figure out what caused the cataclysm that ended the world. 

There are some really bright ideas here, and solid controls make sure you’re never too frustrated when you make a mistake. This one’s polished, preened and a whole lot of fun.

Download MO: Astray from the App Store and Google Play Store

Shadow Fight Arena

A multiplayer brawler set in the Shadow Fight universe. You pick a team of three different scrappers and then take on other players from around the world in battles to the tri-death. 

The action is sharp, the graphics are gorgeous, and there’s always a scrap waiting for you. If you’re looking for a good way to release some aggression, Shadow Fight Arena should be near the top of your list.

Download Shadow Fight Arena from the App Store and Google Play Store


A simple, fast-paced, solo card game that sees you building columns of suited cards. It’s easy to pick up, but finishing every game is going to make you think long and hard about your moves.

It might not have the heft of other games by the same developer, but this is still a brilliant way to fill up a few minutes on your commute to work.

Download Gnomitaire from the App Store and Google Play Store

Equestriad World Tour

A game about horse dancing, show-jumping and cross country racing. You need to care for your horse, buy new items to help it along and try and work your way up the horsey rankings. 

Fans of the sport are going to love every second of the experience, and there’s some neat twists that are going to appeal to mobile players the world over.

Download Equestriad World Tour from the App Store and Google Play Store

Fruit Ninja 2

It’s Fruit Ninja. Fruits fly in from all corners of the screen and it’s up to you to slice them into chunks with your finger. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s just as good as it ever was.

This sequel adds some new modes that are going to keep things interesting. Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better arcade action game on your phone or tablet without having to spend money. 

Download Fruit Ninja 2 from the App Store and Google Play Store

A Detective’s Demise

A game that doesn’t have any graphics at all. It’s entirely audio based and sees you trying to solve cyberpunk crimes just by listening. Pretty cool, right?

There aren’t many games like A Detective’s Demise out there. The story is sharp, and the unique gameplay experience is going to keep you intrigued all the way to the end.

Download A Detective’s Demise from the App Store and Google Play Store

A3: Still Alive

A massive online RPG that’s super polished, stuffed full of quests and loot and looks absolutely amazing. It’s the sort of game you’re going to get addicted to before you really know what’s happening.

On top of that there’s a battle royale mode as well. A3: Still Alive ticks a whole bunch of the right boxes, and it’s going to keep your fingers busy for ages.

Download A3: Still Alive from the App Store and Google Play Store


A 2D open world game that sees you exploring, building and protecting your settlement. It takes inspiration from a whole bunch of other games and genres, then builds up something of its own.

There are dungeons to raid, puzzles to fathom and a literal world-full of possibilities. However you want to play, that’s up to you. Which you have to admit sounds pretty flipping cool.

Download Forager from the App Store

Samorost 2

Samorost 3 might already have been out on mobile for a while, but Amanita Design has now ported its predecessor to touchscreen devices. It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s definitely worth downloading.

The game is a point and click adventure with some wonderful ideas and an atmosphere that’s second to none. Give it a go and we reckon you’re going to fall in love with it.

Download Samorost 2 from the App Store and Google Play Store

Iris and the Giant

A gorgeous mix between an RPG and a deck-building card game. Iris and the Giant is filled with bright and brilliant ideas, and it’s propelled along by a hugely engaging story.

You build your deck from 51 different cards, letting you customize the experience to your play style. There’s a lot to do, a lot to see and a lot to enjoy here.

Download Iris and the Giant from the App Store and Google Play Store