Just a few weeks after it landed on mobile, Illusion Connect is getting its first big in-game event this week. 

Bloomsea City will play host to a Tourney from November the 21st, allowing players of Superprism’s slick, polished, and utterly charming shojo RPG to enjoy some new activities and win some new stuff. 

During the Tourney Leaders will be able to enter time-limited dungeons in order to earn Martial Tea. And if they gather enough they’ll be able to trade it in for special items at the event shop. 

There’s a Contest of Strength mode, too, allowing Leaders to cheer on their partners and their guilds, winning reward items in the process. 

And the partner count has increased by exactly two, courtesy of Illusion Connect’s Phoenix Consortium – one of the six factions that vie for dominance in the sprawling Illusion Connect universe. 

One of them is a self-taught doctor called Ming, who serves as the exclusive physician to the Houhou family. Ming’s lack of formal qualifications clearly hasn’t held her back, but it has given her some unconventional habits. 

For example, her medical box is rumored to double up as a bed for her pet ferret, Yam, and she uses this box as a weapon in battle. Yam, meanwhile, is a useful ally, savaging Ming’s enemies on command. 

You’ll be relieved to hear that Ming also heals her comrades, so her medical education does come in handy sometimes. 

The other new partner is Brooke, a deeply religious Houhou family retainer who spent her early years apprenticing for the Old Man of the South Pole. Despite her faith and heavenly commitments, Brooke is a ferocious warrior, and she wields a razor-sharp axe. 

Plus, when she’s healed Brooke gets to release her ultimate skill, mortally wounding her enemies in a single deadly strike. 

To see these awesome new partners in action, grab yourself a free copy of Illusion Connect right now on Google Play or the App Store