Project Makeover is a lot of things. On the one hand it’s a match-stuff puzzler. On the other, it’s a game about making people and their houses look pretty. There’s also a story going on and your own outfits to tweak too.

That might sound like a lot, but don’t worry. We’ve played a big chunk of the game and come up with some hints, tips and tricks that we think are going to help you make everyone as pretty as possible.

Have you played the game? Got your own tips to share? Well make use of the comments section at the bottom of the article, then. Before we get there, though, here are our best hints, tips and tricks for Project Makeover.

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Know Your Goal

When you’re in the puzzling sections, make sure you know what you’re trying to do. Check out the panel on the left of the screen to see your goal. Sometimes you’re going to need to clear a set number of shapes, or uncover a set number of sunglasses.

Whatever the case, it’s important to focus on finishing your goal. Keep an eye on how many moves you’ve got left as well. Run out of moves and it’s game over, and you don’t want that.

Only Try Again When You’re Sure

You’ll only get five extra moves when you continue a level you’ve failed. Look at the state of the board – if it looks like you’re going to be able to accomplish your goal, then go for it.

If five moves isn’t going to be enough, you should just accept defeat and start over. That way you’re going to save your gems for when they’re actually going to be useful.

Boost Smart

Don’t just throw all of your boosts out because you’ve got them. It’s a lot smarter to use them when you’ve failed a level. That way you’re going to know which of them is going to be the most useful in the sticky situation you find yourself in.

The same goes for your scissors. You should use them to finish tough levels when you’re down to your last move and you’ve only got one part of your mission to finish.

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