There are a lot of moving parts in Hellopet House (download from the App Store and Google Play Store). On the one hand it’s a cooking game that sees you serving dishes to a range of different critters. But it’s also about rebuilding a house. And there’s some virtual pet thrown into the mix too. And it just about manages to squish all of this together into an entertaining experience.

You’re certainly never short of things to do. The core of the game is the cooking. Complete the missions here and you’ll earn stars that you’ll spend on redecorating your house and keeping your animals entertained.

Run out of stars and you’ll need to cook some more. There are other currencies too, like hearts that let you keep your pets content by stroking them, feeding them extra and giving them a bath.

In the cooking sections you need to spend coins to upgrade your equipment and add new ingredients to your recipes. There are different challenges depending on the level you’re taking on. You might need to earn a set amount of coins, or feed all of the animals within a time limit.

Boosts can help you out on tricky levels, and you’ll unlock new ones while you play. Having trouble finishing a level under the time limit? Maybe a boost that cooks everything instantly will tilt things in your favor.

Much like a new pet, Hellopet House demands an awful lot of your attention. There’s always something flashing up, some new part of your house to tidy up, or a cookery challenge to try and complete.

Is it fun? Yeah, for sure, and even though there’s a lot going on it’s never overwhelming. It’s not the most innovative game on the App Store, but it’s a great way to waste a few minutes here and there. This is a great distraction that’s going to keep you occupied for just as long as you let it.

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