Sky Glider 3D is a game about soaring through the air, earning cash and seeing how far you can go. It’s pretty easy to get to grips with, but there are some deeper concepts you’re going to have to learn if you want to fly farther than anyone else.

But don’t worry, because we’ve played a lot of the game and discovered everything you’re going to need to get into the desert and beyond. These hints, tips and tricks are going to help new players and veterans alike.

Have you played the game? Do you want to share your own helpful tips? Then make sure you use the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before we get there, here’s our guide to reaching the desert in Sky Glider 3D.

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Hit The Green

The first, and most important thing you’re going to have to learn is to hit the green. By that we mean the green central section of the power bar that you see at the start of every run.

Tapping on the screen will automatically stop the bar, so make sure you’re ready to start your next flight before you poke the screen. So long as the bar stops somewhere in the green you’re going to get a perfect rating and the best start possible.

Upgrade Regularly

Whenever you’ve got the chance to upgrade, you should take it. You’ll be able to upgrade your jump and your cash collecting, both of which are going to set you in good stead to get farther and farther through the game.

You can often watch videos to increase your skills too, so if you’ve got time to spare it’s a great idea. The more upgraded you are, the better you’re going to do, so look to upgrade whenever you can.

Spot The Jumps

You’ll spot jump pads on the ground and in the air – on the ground they’re purple, in the air they’re golden rings with lightning flashes in the middle. Aim for them and you’ll get another burst of speed.

They’re not going to extend your leaps hugely, but they’re the only way you’re going to make it to the farthest reaches of the game. Look for ways to chain them together and you’re going to start doing better and better.

Land In A Hole

When it’s obvious your flight is coming to an end, you want to aim for one of the holes in the ground. These multiply your score and they’ll get you more cash to spend on upgrades.

Look out for the highest scoring hole in the region and try and aim for that. The holes don’t change from run to run, so if you’ve landed in a x10 multiplier before, then you’re going to be able to land in it again.

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