War Alliance (download from the App Store and Google Play Store) is another in the long line of midcore MOBAs that have been taking up quite a lot of real estate on mobile app stores for the last few years. It’s a solid attempt at doing something a little different, but it doesn’t quite hit the heights of its illustrious inspiration.

The game sees you taking on other players in tightly packed battles. You’ve got a hero and two towers, as does your foe. Destroy a tower and you’ll get a star, kill a hero and you’ll get three stars and finish the game. You can control your hero, tapping the screen to move them and direct their attacks.

You’ve also get a deck of cards along the bottom of the screen. These are your units. They cost a certain amount of power to play and they’ll wander or fly or drive up the screen to attack enemy towers or any units that get in the way before they get there.

It’s a system that almost everyone who’s played a mobile game in the last few years is going to be familiar with. Earn coins and cards through victories, update your deck and spend currency and duplicates to power up your army.

The biggest twist is your hero and the extra mobility they bring to the party. It’s an interesting idea, but in practice you’re often too busy with your cards to take advantage of it. And since losing your hero brings the game to an end, you’ll regularly find yourself hiding them at the back of the arena near the healing pad.

War Alliance is a polished and pretty entertaining game, and it’s worth a look if you’re a big fan of the genre. But it’s unlikely to stand out from the crowd in a marketplace that’s basically dominated by Clash Royale. You’ll have fun with it, but it’s not going to find a home on your device for more than a couple of weeks.

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