We happened to be given a code for Life of Boris: Super Slav randomly, so we really had no idea what we were in store for. Safe to say, we weren’t ready for what we encountered.

Life of Boris: Super Slav barely registers as a game, let alone as an experience anyone should play. And we say ‘play’ lightly.

Based around the adventures of YouTube ‘personality’ Slav (the warning bells should be ringing loud and clear for you right now) this game is nominally a point and click adventure.

One where there are no puzzles and you generally tend to just tap on anything in sight in order to move to the next aimless section.

We’re not kidding here – the game has over twenty levels, and they’re all single screen segments where you tap on random items. If you’re lucky you progress to the next one. If not you have to try it again until you click the right things in the right order. 

Early on – and this is not a long game, so we mean a few minutes – there’s a puzzle involving fixing up your car. There’s no obvious way to know what items to pick to progress, and only by using the hint option did we get past it.

To fill up your hint allowance you can complete basic mini-games, all of which involve mayonnaise (‘mayonez’) to some degree. Eating it, filling jars of it, and so on. It’s all part of the schtick from Slav’s channel, if you’re wondering.

They’re all incredibly basic, but they do at least register as ‘games.’ The main game sometimes makes some sense – piecing together a bicycle for example – but it’s barely a game at all.

What might be a minor saving grace was if Life of Boris: Super Slav is funny. But it isn’t. Fans of the YouTube star might enjoy some of the voice acting here, yet nothing said is actually amusing. It’s just stuff said in a way that’s difficult to understand. That’s the joke, we think.

To round off the pain there’s no way to play the game docked – it demands you control it only via the touchscreen. The low price tag does not get anywhere near justifying this laziness.

Even fans of Slav – and there are a lot out there – should give this game a wide berth. Just watch his videos on a loop. Or, you know, watch something else entirely. Just don’t play this.