Fruit Ninja 2 (download from the App Store and Google Play Store) is, probably the best fruit slicing game you’ve ever played. It’s polished, frantic, packed full of modes and you can’t help but play with a massive grin on your face.

If you’ve played the original game, you know what to expect here. Fruit flies onto the screen and you swipe to cut it into chunks. Cut more fruit, score more points.

Different modes offer up different challenges. Sometimes you need to make sure none of the fruit disappears before you’ve hacked it. Others you’re playing against other people in slashy competitions.

You can equip special moves that you unlock through play as well. They can make the fruit bigger, launch more things to slice and more. You can have three equipped at once and swap them out depending on what mode you’re playing.

The simplicity of the action means you’re going to leap in over and over again. It might be a format you’ve played before, but Halfbrick is still the master of it, and there’s a deep joy to every sixty second blast.

The multiplayer here is particularly smart. It plays out with panache and every game feels like it’s always going to come down to the wire. In a handful of minutes you’re going to be addicted.

Fruit Ninja 2 doesn’t reinvent the apple-slicing wheel, but what did you expect? It does everything you want it to do and a little bit more. This is pretty much the perfect mobile arcade experience.

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