Have you ever noticed that the fastest form of racing is also the most boring? While kart, road, and rally racing games all tend to be accessible and fun, Formula One and Indy games are ultra-demanding, simulator-type affairs for die-hard fans of the sport. 

That’s why Speed 3 Grand Prix is such an exciting prospect. Developed by Lion Castle and published by GS2 Games, this lightning-fast racer takes the sheer velocity of Formula One and strips out all the tedious realism to create a fast and accessible racer. 

With casual players firmly in its crosshairs, Speed 3 Grand Prix is all about breakneck racing. Not only are the controls ultra-casual, limited to just accelerating, steering, and braking, but you’re actually rewarded for colliding with your opponents and taking them down. 

Whenever you smash into a siding and explode into flames, meanwhile, you’re dropped right back on the track and into the action, hardly penalized at all. Recklessly aggressive driving is positively encouraged – which is exactly the way we like it. 

Speed 3 Grand Prix has two main modes: a season-based story mode and a time-attack mode. 

The story mode sees you taking part in 24 races across three seasons. These races take place in all weather conditions and times of day, and the environments are satisfyingly diverse and rendered in beautiful detail.

Time-attack, meanwhile, is a super-addictive mode in which you have to race to beat your previous times. There are tons of bonus cars to unlock, too, including tuners, muscle cars, exotic cars, hot rods, and more. 

On top of all this, Speed 3 Grand Prix has a two-player split screen multiplayer mode, allowing you to race with your friends side by side, jumping up and down and screaming at the screen, just as the arcade gods intended. 

Speed 3 Grand Prix is available right now as a physical release and on the eShop. Click here to check it out