Whether or not you realise it, this is the age of the social media star. 

And if there’s one thing the current crop of celebrity influencers likes to do, it’s stunts. When they’re not challenging each other to boxing matches they’re giving away houses or filling a swimming pool with jello.

That makes Slide Stars one of the most on-trend games we’ve ever come across. Not only does it look great, but it stars a huge cast of real life social media stars pulling off crazy stunts at a jungle water park. It’s like a playable TikTok stunt. 

Slide Stars boasts an unrivalled cast of influencers, with more than 20 in the roster. You can pick from megastars like Brent Rivera, Demi Rose, Ben Azelart, and tons of others. 

The full list includes model Demi Rose Mawby, identical twinfluencers Alan and Alex Stokes, fitness guru Jen Selter, cosplayer Enji Night, biologist Dr Freek Vonk, bodybuilder Jeff Seid, gamer ApoRed, medical hunk Dr Mike, and lipsync guru Luciano Spinelli.

Then on top of that there’s Amusementforce’s Greg and Kes, Enya Wandres, Holly H, Kat Wonders, Lexi Rivera, Milan Knol, Sveta Bilyalova, and Veronica Bielik. Phew.

Never before has so much international influencer talent been assembled in a single game. In fact, their collective reach covers more than 200 million followers worldwide. Whatever your area of interest, there’s a social media megastar in there for you. 

Gameplay-wise, Slide Stars is like a radical refresh of Uphill Rush: Water Park Racing, the hugely popular 2D casual arcade game about racing through a water park. The aim is simply to have tons of platform fun and go as fast as you can, barging your rivals out of the way in the process. 

There’s local multiplayer, too, so you can barge your friends in person – and you can do it on a huge variety of different unlockable rides, including a flamingo, a banana boat, a llama, a wooden log, an inflatable unicorn, and even a live shark, as well as plenty more extreme rides (who wants to slide on a dragon?). 

Slide Stars looks like an absolute blast, and it’s available right now on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the game’s official site here, and publisher GS2 Games’s site here.