Mob mentality isn’t normally something we encourage, but in the case of this addictive indie casual title from developer Engineered Chaos Games, we’re prepared to make an exception. 

For one thing, the mob in Mob Mentality is unquestionably a force for good, setting out time and time again to defeat monsters that are hell bent on raiding their village. For another, it’s just a lot of fun. 

Mob Mentality is an incremental RPG in which the aim is to do the same thing over and over again, gaining more power each time so that you can make it further the next. That’s what gives this kind of game its addictive hook: you always know the next round will be your best. 

You play as a mob, initially consisting of five medieval village folk armed with torches, farming tools, and simple weapons. These fearless peasants march across the screen, bumping into monsters every few seconds.

To vanquish a foe you simply tap on the screen repeatedly to chip away at their health. The monsters you encounter get tougher and tougher, meaning more taps, meaning it takes you longer and longer to kill them. If you go over 30 seconds, you have to return to your village, cash-in your kills for Relics, and level-up.

The innovative Ancient Devices system, meanwhile, lets you buy and enhance useful stuff like a tool that auto-taps, letting you accumulate more Relics. 

Upgrades are also applied to your villagers individually, and they give your whole mob certain perks depending on which villager you’ve nominated as your leader. For instance, you can buy a Barbarian upgrade for Mr Lehgdey, giving your mob a 10% damage buff when he’s wearing the crown. 

This character-specific upgrade system injects nuance and tactics into what is otherwise a gleefully straightforward casual game. 

Download Mob Mentality for free right now on the Google Play Store.