Another month has flown past, leaving us glowering back at this year and wondering where the time has gone. We’re not saying we’re looking forward to 2020 being over, but, well, we are saying that. At least there are still brilliant mobile games to keep us entertained amidst all the chaos.

Every month we like to round-up the best games that have come out over the last few weeks. We then put them in a handy list format for your perusal. And we’ve done exactly the same this month. You’ll find the list below.

Think we’ve missed something out? Is there a game on here that you don’t think belongs? Well we’d love to hear your opinion on the matter. So make sure you use the comments section at the bottom of the article. That’s what it’s there for, after all.

Before we get there, though, here are what we think are the best mobile games of October 2020.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

This one’s essentially a collection of mini-games built around the mechanics of previous FNaF games. It was originally released as a VR game, but this mobile version does away with all that sweaty headset nonsense and gets down to brass tacks.

There’s lots of scares waiting for you, and the distillation of various chunks of the FNaF franchise actually works really well. A good way to spook away those long winter nights. If that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

Download Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted from the App Store and Google Play Store

The Longest Drift

A mixture of a drifty, top-down driving game and a logic puzzler. Drive around, find challenges and complete them to push the story along. That story is about missing family members, and it’s really rather good.

It might seem like a strange combination of ideas, but there’s loads to enjoy in The Longest Drift. Pick it up with an open mind and we reckon that you’re going to find yourself more than pleasantly surprised.

Download The Longest Drift from the App Store


A super-retro styled platformer that sees you leaping through a series of chunky-pixel levels. The graphics look like they could have been lifted from an early iteration of the Gameboy, and there’s a decent level of challenge here too.

There’s also loads to discover, challenges to complete, and more than enough excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat for a good long while. One of the best platformers we’ve seen on mobile the last couple of months.

Download Pixboy from the App Store and Google Play Store

Tales of the Neon Sea

A cyberpunk murder mystery set in a city filled with humans and sentient robots. Throw in a mechanical god and a whole bunch of intriguing puzzles and you’re left with something that’s really rather special. 

There are concepts here taken from a whole bunch of genres, and a riveting story that’s going to have you pushing on to see what happens next. This is a great game to waste a weekend on.

Download Tales of the Neon Sea from the App Store

Dungeon Falan

Much more than just another match-stuff puzzler. This is a polished and well-thought out dungeon crawler that just happens to be a match-stuff puzzler. There are roguelike elements and more than a sprinkling of tactics too.

With four different adventuring classes to choose from and a whole bunch of upgrades and weapons, there’s a lot more going on in Dungeon Falan than you might think. And you’re going to want to explore all of it.

Download Dungeon Falan from the App Store

Far: Lone Sails

The world has ended. There aren’t any zombies though, just a massive expanse of dried up sea bed. You control a strange vehicle that’s traversing the new waste, exploring and discovering as you go.

Far: Lone Sails manages to be calming and challenging at the same time, and the world it weaves is a breathtaking one. This is a game that isn’t quite like anything you’ve played before, in the best possible way.

Download Far: Lone Sails from the App Store and Google Play Store

Pixel Pro Golf

A perfectly sized mobile golf game. It’s retro in its outlook, and skirts the middle line between a simulation and an arcade game. It’s deep enough to get you engaged, but the courses are short enough that you can fit a game into a narrow timeslot.

It’s not perfect, but there’s a compulsive drive to work your way up the rankings and become the best pixel golfer in the world. And really, what more do you want from a golf game than that?

Download Pixel Pro Golf from the App Store

Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music

A rhythm game designed from the ground up for mobile devices. You’re tapping on turtles and other sea creatures, playing out gorgeous songs at your own pace. There’s some really smart use of your phone’s vibration settings here too.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging you can up the difficulty and play like a maestro. Or you can keep things cool and calm if you’d rather. It’s entirely up to you, which is the sort of thing we like.

Download Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music from the App Store and Google Play Store


A clever mix of puzzling ideas that sees you connecting colored shapes together. You’re not just trying to spot matches, you’re building them on a grid. Cubinko asks you to think logically about every move, rather than just swiping blindly like some other games.

The basics of the game are really simple to get to grips with, but you’ll find it gets pretty challenging as well. This isn’t your average match-stuff puzzler and it’s well worth checking out.

Download Cubinko from the App Store and Google Play Store


This one is essentially an interactive movie. Set in a haunted house, it sees you trying to piece together the mysteries that have occurred there. This is more of a psychological, cerebral experience than a jump-scare fest though. 

You control the game by tilting your phone around, looking for clues to what’s happening in the house you grew up in. With a brilliant story and an intriguing premise, Ordesa shows that there’s more to mobile gaming than bright colors and IAPs.

Download Ordesa from the App Store and Google Play Store

Poor Thief

A simple, swipey steal-’em-up with an interesting twist. You’re going to have to die to finish the levels. Don’t let the basic graphics fool you, there’s a lot going on here and you’re going to have to be on your toes.

There are loads of puzzles to complete, and you need to think carefully if you want to finish them. Poor Thief has some brilliant ideas, and it’s surprisingly easy to get caught up in its clever arcade challenges.

Download Poor Thief from the App Store and Google Play Store

Rabbids Coding

Learn to code with Ubisoft’s crazed rabbits. You wouldn’t think they’d be the best teachers, but this is actually a brilliant introduction to coding, all wrapped up in an entertaining and slightly frantic package.

This one’s aimed more at kids than grown ups, but anyone who picks it up and plays with curiosity is going to find themselves having a brilliant time. It’s a great way to get kids interested in programming too.

Download Rabbids Coding from the App Store and Google Play Store


An innovative mix of literature and gameplay, Unmemory sees you trying to solve the mystery of your girlfriend’s murder. Spread out over eight different chapters, there’s a lot of story to work your way through here.

And it’s pretty darn entertaining, full of twists, turns and interactive moments. Chuck in some amnesia, a good slosh of 90’s nostalgia and an intriguing art-style and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Download Unmemory from the App Store and Google Play Store

Funko Pop! Blitz

This is a perfect commute-passing match-stuff puzzler. Collect Funko Pops, match stuff to clear boards, rinse and repeat. It doesn’t do anything innovative, but it nails the compulsion loop of a mobile puzzler with aplomb.

There are regular events, a whole bunch of different characters and special moves and enough variety to keep you coming back for more. Be warned, this one is dangerously addictive.

Download Funko Pop! Blitz from the App Store and Google Play Store

Elly and the Ruby Atlas

An adventure game set in the pirate age. You’re captaining a ship, exploring the world around you and hunting for mythical treasure. What more could you possibly want from a sea-faring adventure?

You need to trade with different settlements, fight other pirate crews and upgrade your ship and equipment. There’s a lot going on in Elly and the Ruby Atlas, and gamers of a certain bearing are going to love it.

Download Elly and the Ruby Atlas from the App Store and Google Play Store

Millie and Molly

A platformer with a dual twist. There are a whole bunch of puzzles to solve here, but you can do it at your own pace. A rewind button lets you scratch out your mistakes, and there are no time limits or health bars to worry about.

Millie and Molly offers up play for plays sake, and you’re going to spend most of your time with it with a big smile on your face. Charming, engaging and fun, this is a game that wants you to have a great time.

Download Millie and Molly from the App Store and Google Play Store