We’re currently looking down the barrel of the most consequential US election in decades, with a divided nation choosing between two radically different candidates at a time of national crisis. 

It’s pretty heavy stuff. You could probably do with a little something to take your mind off it, or at least package the contest up in a way that doesn’t make you want to cry. 

Enter Presidents Run, a fun, lightly satirical endless runner that reframes political races all over the world as actual races, complete with obstacles, boosts, cartoon candidates and devastating wipeouts. 

Each run sees you automatically barreling across the screen and collecting votes, in the form of buttons. You spend these votes on various items in the store, such as new characters, boosts, shoes, and props. 

During gameplay, meanwhile, you’ll need to dodge missiles and other hazards while attempting to collect upgradeable power-ups and occasionally crashing into your main rival. 

And you’re not just playing for points. The miles that you run contribute towards global polling numbers for your chosen character, so your endless-running hijinks might even help your candidate get over the line. 

Initially released way back in 2012 to satirise a very different election, Presidents Run has been updated by developer React Games to include the current crop of political heavyweights. 

Naturally, Trump and Biden are dominating the global leaderboard at the moment, but other political figures are available. You can back Jacinda Ardern (currently third in the world) according to Presidents Run), Kim Jong-un, Kamala Harris, or Vladimir Putin.

You can even reach back in time, resurrecting Zombie Washington and Franken Lincoln for some old skool governance. 

Presidents Run is a timely, illuminating, and above all enjoyable endless runner with a neat political twist. Download it for free right now on the App Store and Google Play.