Illusion Connect, Superprism’s eagerly anticipated tactical shojo RPG, is out now on mobile, after hitting an incredible 600,000 pre-registrations. 

We’re not surprised. This gorgeous real-time strategy game has always looked like a winner, thanks to its engaging balance of fast-paced combat and rich social gameplay. 

The game sees you recruiting an army of Radiants – customizable 2D shojo characters – and forming them into squads. Each Radiant has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, encouraging you to experiment to discover the best squad formations as you take on the Nightmares.

All in all there are 50 different Radiants to acquire, and not only do they look great but they’re all voiced by prominent Japanese vocal artists, including Yumi Hara (Tekken 7), Haruka Tomatsu (Breath of Fire 6), and Aoi Yuki (Pokemon Sword and Shield). 

But combat and military strategy form just one part of the experience. You’ll also spend a lot of time back at your home, socializing with your Radiants, all of whom have richly drawn backgrounds and personalities.

As is tradition with games that smash their pre-registration goals, Illusion Connect is launching with a host of events and giveaways to reward the eager masses who lined up to play the game. 

A couple of these are login bonuses, including a basic Newbie Bonus that gets you up and running with x10 free gacha pulls, one of which is guaranteed to be an SSR partner – Frantiva, Nicola, or Hotaru

Logging in for eight days in a row will net you a sack of Diamonds, as well as SSR partner Miyuki and a Redhood skin for Nina. The Journey of Growth event, meanwhile, rewards you with a Nightingale skin for Saya, plus an upgrade from SR to SSR, for completing seven days of objectives. 

The SEED’s Recruitment event rewards you for recruiting a certain number of SR and SSR partners. Hit the threshold and you’ll receive Summon Ticket x30 and a Bikini Skin for Kasumi.  

Dreamweaver is a reward that occurs three days after creating your character, letting you collect Stage Stars and trade them in for Diamonds. Lastly, Anna’s Gift lets you earn Diamonds, Coins, SSR gears, and partner EXP by completing stages. 

That’s a lot of loot. To grab your share, download Illusion Connect for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store

And if you want even more information about Illusion Connect, we’d recommend following the game on social media. You can find more information on the game via its official site too, as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Discord.