We’re inching ever closer to the worldwide release of Illusion Connect, and Super Prism has just released a new teaser that shows off a couple of the characters you can collect in the brilliant mobile Shojo RPG. As well as that, it introduces some important elements of the game.

For one thing the teaser shows off the two different worlds that coexist in Illusion Connect. On the one hand there’s the real world and on the other there’s the world of dreams. Traversing between the two involves lenses, and that’s exactly how Frantiva travels into the real Blossomsea City. 

Frantiva is the main character from the Uroboros faction. Uroboros despises mankind and wants to unleash its nightmares into the real world. Frantiva was once a shining light of the SEED faction, but betrayed them and started working for the enemy. That’s a decision that has made things super difficult for Frantiva’s sister, who remains loyal to SEED. 

The other character in the teaser is Saya. She’s a child prodigy with strong emotions bubbling under her calm exterior. She blames the nightmares for slaughtering the people in her tribe. It should come as no surprise that she hates the dire creatures and anyone who’s been mesmerized by them as well. 

Expect to learn much more about Saya and Frantiva when Illusion Connect launches globally on October 22nd. There’s still time to pre-order the game and bag yourself some in-game goodies too. You can do that at the Illusion Connect website or by heading to the game’s App Store or Google Play Store page.

If you want to keep up to date with everything going on in the world of Illusion Connect, then following its social media pages is your best bet. Check out the game’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Discord.