Hacking and slashing has been a mainstay of gaming since way back when. So any game that heads down the same route needs to try something different if it’s going to capture your attention. Dashero: Sword and Magic (download from the App Store and Google Play Store) gives it a decent try, but in the end falls a little short.

The game sees you controlling a knight through a series of tight levels. There are monsters to slaughter, loot to collect and skills to upgrade. You control everything with a single digit, moving it around the bottom of the screen to send your warrior scuttling in that direction.

There’s a ring around you, and if anything hittable is in that ring, you’re going to take a swing at it with your sword. You’ve also got magic fireballs, and you’ll toss them automatically whenever something that needs killing is in range.

As you fight you’ll gain experience, and when you level up you can upgrade your skills. You get a choice of three with every level, and they range from more powerful spells and attacks to new moves that fire backwards or chain your blows together.

It’s all a lot of simple fun, and the short-sharp rhythm of the scrapping is perfectly shaped for mobile play sessions. Things do tend to get a bit repetitive, though, and the lack of exploration is going to leave more adventurous players feeling a bit stuck.

Dashero: Sword and Magic plays by the usual rules, stomping along the same path that plenty of other games have strode down before. It’s fun in small doses, but it doesn’t have the staying power to stick along if you’re looking for something to fill up longer play sessions.

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