Collectible card games have been a mainstay in mobile gaming ever since Hearthstone burst onto the scene. But they’re not the most welcoming or accessible genre for casual players – particularly those of us not particularly enamored by fantasy tropes. 

That’s why we like the look of CUE Cards – Cards, the Universe and Everything – a new trading card game that’s bound to appeal to a wide audience because it contains, well, everything in the universe. 

UK developer Avid Games has crammed the game’s cards with trivia across a range of subjects, including space, paleontology, history, science, and so on. 

You’ll face off against human opponents, playing cards from these categories in a bid to end up on top after three rounds. You achieve this by using combos and effects, as well as simply putting up more powerful cards. It’s a game of luck and skill in which you improve your odds by compiling an array of decks and choosing the right one to take into battle. 

That’s the core gameplay stuff, and CUE Cards offers a very balanced and compelling PvP experience. But the game’s ace card lies in its winning humor and breadth of subject matter. 

What other game lets you attack a dinosaur with a samurai? Where else can you witness a confrontation between Zeus and Abraham Lincoln? In what other game is it possible to pit elephants against the sun? 

CUE Cards lets you learn about various notable figures, creatures, historical artifacts, and more, but education is definitely not the game’s sole aim. That’s why it also lets you combine sharks with tornadoes to create sharknadoes. 

The card selection in CUE Cards is vast, and it’s growing every day. And you can add to your own collection for free in a number of ways, including login bonuses and rewards. Plus, you can trade cards with other players for free, and combine your duplicates to gain new abilities. 

CUE Cards is fun, informative, funny, and free. Download it right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.