Be honest, you’ve probably never wished that there was a game that combined bean curd production and drift racing. In your big list of things that should go together, we’re going to guess that those two things never even got a look in. And yet here we are, reviewing Tofu Drifter (download from the App Store and Google Play Store).

The game is split into two parts. On the one side it’s an idle Tofu production sim. You’ve got offices and facilities to upgrade as you turn soybeans into slightly slimy but strangely delicious mush. And then you need to deliver said mush.

For some reason best left unchallenged, your delivery system involves drifting around bends as fast as you can. A counter tracks the condition of the tofu, dropping down when you smash into trees and rocks and road signs.

There’s an elegant subtlety to the drifting that belies its nonsensical reasons. Your first few deliveries are going to go poorly, but once you get to grips with the delicate nature of the controls you’re going to start sliding over the tarmac with ease.

The cash you get from the deliveries can be spent on upgrading your business and buying more powerful rear-wheel drive skid machines. There’s a good chunk of waiting or watching videos to keep things moving forwards though, which can be pretty annoying.

Mainly because you want to get back to the slithery goodness that the drifting offers. You want to perfect your technique. Getting to the end of any delivery with your package at 100% is worth a fist pump and a cheery grin.

Tofu Drifter is certainly an interesting one. It could be brilliant, but it doesn’t quite manage to keep you entertained. If it was just a drift game that let you take to the track whenever you wanted then it’d be getting a better score, that’s for sure.

As it stands, the weirdness that permeates the core idea turns out to be more annoying than endearing. Sure, people need their tofu, we’ve got nothing against that, but as mash-ups go this one misses the mark.

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