Stair Run is a new-ish game from Voodoo. It’s a platformer with a twist. Instead of jumping, you’re building steps to make it over obstacles. You need to collect the materials and time your construction just right.

It’s a pretty simple concept to grasp, but there are some extra layers you’re going to have to understand if you want to get the highest scores. Layers like the ones we’re going to reveal in this here guide we’ve written for you.

We’ve played a good chunk of the game and discovered the hints, tips and tricks you’re going to need to get to the finishing line of every level.

If you’ve got your own helpful suggestions then please do toss them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, here’s our guide to everything you need to know to win in Stair Run.

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Avoid The Red

Anything red in the game needs to be avoided. It’s pretty obvious for the most part – the big obstacles blocking your path are bright red. But there are some sneakier pieces of scenery that are going to hurt you as well if you’re not careful.

The bottoms of some platforms are red, so you need to make sure you take a little longer before you land on them. There are red blocks too, that look suspiciously like the blocks you need to collect to build with. They’re not, though, so avoid them at all costs.

Go Exploring

Don’t just stick to the easiest path. You’ll often see platforms above you. Head up towards them and you’ll be able to grab extra blocks and extra coins.

Sometimes these platforms will hinder your progress on the lower path, so it’s almost always a good idea to take the high road. That’s probably true in life as well.

Don’t Build Constantly

You can stop building in mid-air and then start again multiple times. If you’ve got a big gap to clear, you don’t need to build all the way over it. Instead build in stops and starts.

It’s a great way to save your blocks and ensure you’ve got more when you get to the final climb at the end of the level. A few taps on the screen will get you over most of the biggest gaps in the game with ease.

Hit The Trampolines

Trampolines are a great way to go long distances without having to use any of your blocks. If you see one, try and make sure that you drop down and land on it.

Often they’ll get you across big gaps or long obstacles, and you’ll usually find yourself getting to the chest at the end of the level if you’ve used them correctly.

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