Being paid to play games is the dream. Normally that privilege is reserved for games journalists and QA testers, but now everyone can get in on the action with TapChamps, an ingenious app that rewards your gaming efforts with vouchers for your favorite online retailers. 

Here’s how to get it up and running.

After installing the app, you’re invited to sign up through Google, Facebook, or email. That’s up to you, but whichever option you go for you’ll then need to give TapChamps access to your usage data. 

You can delay this step if you like, but you won’t be able to earn Diamonds and rewards if you don’t have usage data access enabled so you might as well tap “LET’S DO IT” now rather than later.

A list of apps will appear. You just need to choose “TapChamps”, and then “Permit usage access”.

From here you get to enter a profile name, pick a password, and choose an avatar. And don’t panic if you’re not happy with your choice: TapChamps lets you spend Diamonds on alternative avatars later. 

Once you’re up and running, TapChamps really is as simple as it makes out. You just play games and earn rewards.

The main goal is to gain XP. This allows you to level-up and earn Diamonds and Trophies, with each new level you reach earning you a bigger haul. You can also win Medals in certain games, and extra Diamonds by recommending friends.

Every so often, TapChamps also holds contests, allowing you to win big prizes for beating other players in challenges like earning the most XP in a particular time frame.

XP allows you to level-up in a game, while Trophies level-up your profile, which in turn makes it easier to gain XP and Diamonds. You can also earn Diamonds by completing special missions, such as logging in and playing for five minutes every day.

Each game entry lets you know how many Diamonds you’ll earn from levelling up, as well as the boost that has been applied to the game by the developer. Boosts multiply the number of Diamonds and Trophies you earn by levelling up.

Once you’ve chosen the game you want to play, you’ll be asked to allow TapChamps to display over other apps. Tap “JUST DO IT”, and then tap the slider button on the next screen.

If you haven’t already got the game installed you’ll need to install it now. At this point TapChamps will direct you to the Google Play Store to install the app, before taking you back into the TapChamps app to launch it. 

It’s absolutely crucial that you remember to load up TapChamps before playing a game you want to earn XP in. If you don’t, you’ll earn nothing because TapChamps won’t know you’ve been playing.

Once you’ve accumulated enough Diamonds, you can head to the shop to spend them. As well as a selection of avatars there are vouchers for Amazon, Blizzard, eBay, Google Play, Visa, the PlayStation Store, Nintento, GameStop, Xbox, and Charity On Top. 

These come in various sizes. For instance, you can claim $5 or $10 in eBay vouchers, and $5, $10, or $20 in Google Play. As you’d expect, higher cost vouchers tend to be better value. $5 costs 1749 Diamonds, while $10 costs $2999, so it’s worth saving up.

To buy a gift card, just tap “Buy”. You should receive your voucher within 48 hours, but if it still hasn’t arrived after 72 hours you can contact [email protected]

And that’s how to get paid for playing games. TapChamps couldn’t be simpler to use, but we’ll finish with a few tips to make sure you get the most out of the app.

  1. Make sure you’re not playing games in power saving mode. This can cause background apps to close, meaning your progress won’t be tracked. 
  2. Most games stop paying out Diamonds at level 20, so just be aware that after a certain point you’re not earning any more. 
  3. Don’t try and fool TapChamps by running a game without playing it – you’ll only be rewarded for making in-game progress.
  4. Choose your gift card carefully, as you can’t change your mind if you regret your choice or accidentally pick the wrong one. 
  5. Always ensure that you’re playing games via TapChamps. 
  6. Don’t attempt to use TapChamps using a VPN, an Android emulator, an autoclicker, a rooted device, or multiple accounts, or you run the risk of having your account suspended. 
  7. Have fun!

Download TapChamps for yourself right now by visiting Google Play.