There are plenty of card games on mobile that take a lot to get to grips with. Creatures of Aether (download from the App Store and Google Play Store) isn’t one of them. Not that it’s shallow, or that it doesn’t have the chops to entertain you for hours on end. The simple core mechanic clicks almost instantly though, leaving you to discover the rest at your own pace.

Let’s put it this way, the tutorial lasts about a couple of minutes, and once you’ve completed it you’ve got everything you need to know to win. The game is all about placing cards on a grid. Those cards have numbers on their four sides that represent their attack value.

Place a card with a 4 on the edge next to one with a 3 and you’ll flip it to your color. The player with the most cards of their own color when all of the cards have been played is the winner.

One of your cards has a special power that can change things up when you play it. And as you play you’ll collect new cards to swap into your deck. That’s where the strategy comes in, picking which cards are going to compliment the rest of your deck.

From those simple ideas, a whole bunch of possibilities spring up. Battles don’t last long – think in similar time frames as something like Clash Royale. But there’s much more going on here than in Supercell’s MOBA, and a lot more fun too.

Creatures of Aether pops and fizzes in all the right ways. It’s the perfect card game for those little mobile moments, and it’ll suck you in for hours if you let it. Pick it up, give it a go, and we reckon you’re going to fall in love with it.

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