With that title you might think this would be a dry synthesiser style experience. Instead it’s a deep and rewarding rhythm action title that is surprisingly accessible.

Based around the electronic dance music of the late Swedish DJ Avicii, this is a fairly simple game in terms of its set up.

It includes 35 tracks that you have to play through – via guiding a spaceship through an into the screen track of button presses and analogue stick turns. 

These are of course all placed in time of the music, and there are occasional sections where you have to pilot your craft through a set of rings in slightly more free-form segments.

There’s a bare-bones plot based around a punkish space fighter, but this – and a serviceable multiplayer mode – are all very much window dressing to a title that is focused almost solely on offering up rock-solid rhythm action mechanics. In that regard it’s impressive.

It takes a little while for it to get into the swing of things – with the opening few stages being little more than mini tutorials – but you soon start experiencing much tougher and complex tracks.

The basic range of button presses are combined in increasingly interesting ways. Fade Into Darkness sees you constantly twisting to match up to the music’s beat for instance, and Wake Me Up keeps mixing up the speed of your button presses.

The music selection isn’t for everyone of course – and a few tracks are at best described as forgettable – but there are more than enough stages that will have you feeling perfectly in-sync with the beat. When this happens AVICII Invector is hard to fault.

There aren’t many EDM focused rhythm action titles that offer up such tightly designed and satisfying mechanics – so in that regard this is a game that’s well worth investigating if you’re a fan of both genres. 

For anyone else, take a listen to the trailer above – you’ll soon know if this is an experience you’ll want to dive into.