Guns of Glory is one of our favorite multiplayer RTS games on mobile – partly because it’s just so different. Dragons, wizards, and fantasy castles are all very well, but they get boring after a while, which is why it’s great to visit the exciting pre-industrial era of the Musketeers. 

That’s right – Guns of Glory takes place on earth, in Europe, just before the industrial revolution, when hats were splendid, swords were rampant, and handheld firearms were still charmingly basic.

It sees you assuming the role of primitive military mastermind, building up an army of Musketeers, training them, managing resources, executing raids against your enemies, and forging alliances with your fellow military superpowers. 

If that all sounds a bit dry and historical for your tastes, fear not. Guns of Glory may take place on earth, during a real historical period, but it throws in a generous helping of steampunk and monsters to spice things up. 

Guns of Glory is rapidly approaching its third anniversary. In the nearly three years since it first went live the game has been downloaded more than 80 million times, in nearly 240 countries. It hit the number one spot in close to 90 of those countries across Google Play and the App Store. 

To celebrate, developer FunPlus is holding a series of in-game events, and a huge Glory Ambassador contest to find – and handsomely reward – the game’s most loyal and talented superfan. 

The Glory Ambassador contest started on the 3rd of September, and ends on the 18th, with the winner to be announced on the 30th. This lucky winner will walk away with a cool $20,000, as well as earning the title of Glory Ambassador. 

This is a unique honorary position, giving the superfan in question the opportunity to influence the direction that Guns of Glory takes by serving as a bridge between the developers and the community. All you need to do is submit a video, a picture, and a review.

There are prizes for the runners up, too, with $10,000 going to second place, $5,000 going to third place, and in-game packages going to 20 other nominees. 

To enter, just head to the Guns of Glory Facebook page and look for the posts. 

Good luck!