RacerKing is a super-fast game with a neat central idea. You’re driving around a tight arena and everything that your tires touches crumbles. The same goes for the other three players. You’re trying to become the last car still moving.

It’s a simple concept, but there are some hints, tips and tricks that we reckon are going to help you get even more out of the game. Hints, tips and tricks like the ones we’ve included in this handy guide.

Have you played the game? Got your own suggestions you’d like to share? Then make sure you stick them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, here’s the best guide to winning in RacerKing.

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Jump To Slow Down

The cars you’re driving are pretty darn unwieldy, and if you get too much speed up there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to drive straight off the egde of the arena.

To counter that, make sure you’re jumping. This will slow you down as well as getting you over the holes that you and the other players have left carved into the level.

Watch The Red

Red blocks are going to disappear in a matter of seconds, so the last thing you want is to be driving over them. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but for the most part you should be turning or jumping to get away from them.

There’s no signal for the blocks regrowing, so always try and stay away from holes and red blocks, otherwise you’re going to find yourself finishing last more often than not.

Barge Your Foes

Driving into the other players is a good way to ruin their plans. Think before you do it though, especially if there are a lot of collapsed blocks around you. You could just as likely barge yourself into oblivion.

If a player is aiming for you, then it’s a good idea to jump just before they hit you. That’s going to leave them driving into your crumbling wake if you’ve got your time right. Defend and attack in equal measures if you want to succeed.

Careful Around The Edge

There’s often a lot of space around the edge of the arena, with the fight concentrated in the middle. That doesn’t mean you can let your guard down, though. You’re vulnerable to getting bumped off the map, or just driving off if you’re going too fast.

Keep your wits about you and don’t be afraid to swerve back into the center of the level if things are getting a little hairy around the edge. Make use of the whole map and you’re going to dominate.

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