Illusion Connect, from Superprism Technology, is one of the most popular tactical RPGs in China, thanks to its polished anime visuals and deep yet accessible gameplay. 

Unfortunately for the rest of us, it’s currently a China-only title. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, with pre-registrations for the global launch available right now on the official Illusion Connect site. 

Here’s everything you need to know in advance of the most exciting gacha game launch of the year. 

Illusion Connect is a turn-based tactical RPG that sees you collecting adorable waifu heroes and battling them in a variety of different modes. As you play you’ll earn XP, gold, and other currencies, and you’ll plough it into enhancing your heroes, their weapons, their skills, and much more. You know the drill. 

The game comes with 60 different characters at launch, belonging to six different factions. There are multiple grid-based formations to adopt, too, as well as a range of skills to deploy in the heat of battle. 

Here’s a little rundown of the factions in question:

Muscipula: a small Radiant organization that comes from Bloomsea City. Their income derives from investigating Nightmare-related events all over the world, mercenary-style. 

SEED: These guys are the longest standing of Illusion Connect’s Radiant factions. Their mission in life is to destroy nightmares and protect humanity, which seems fair enough. 

Uroboros: This ancient and sinister faction was established by Rotania, and works for the Nightmares, killing humans for sport. Boo! 

Liberos: A Radiant faction that doesn’t like to be tied down or put in a box (figuratively in both cases). Liberos are witches that thrive in the dark, and once survived an extermination attempt by SEED. 

Phoenix: A powerful financial consortium, Phoenix has global influence, with mostly Radiants on its senior management team. 

Tobunkai: A yakuza organization founded and run by Radiants. The starting aim of Tobunkai was to defend the weak, but it now dabbles in counterfeit selling and other petty crimes.

Quite the roll call. To learn more about Illusion Connect, and to earn rewards by pre-registering for the game, head to the official site right now.

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