Deck ‘Em! is a smart solitaire card game that sees you duking it out against the champ. Every game is about swinging your fists, blocking attacks and trying to survive 12 rounds.

It’s a really fun experience, but if you want to get the most out of it there are some things you need to know. Things like the ones we’ve collected in this here guide. With this walkthrough, you’ll be coming out on top more often than not.

Have you played the game? Got your own helpful suggestions you’d like to share? Then make sure you chuck them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that though, here are the best hints, tips and tricks we could discover for Deck ‘Em!

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Watch Your Block

Your block can save you from some super difficult situations, but you need to understand how it works. Every time you take a blow through your block, a new number is added to the bottom right of the card.

If the next attack is more powerful than that number, then it’s going to shatter through your block and deal all of the damage to your fighter. You’re going to need to play smart if you want to succeed. More on that in the next tip.

Play The Champ Well

If you’ve got three attack cards you need to get rid of, it’s important you play them in the right order. Play the lowest first and that will ruin your block. Instead, play the highest first and work down.

Sometimes it’s worth taking some damage to preserve the strength of your block. A 2 power attack might be easy to absorb, but it’s going to leave you open to assault in the next set of cards. Take the punch and you’ll find things going a lot smoother.

Use Your Corner

When you’ve got more than one block card in a set, stick one in your corner to save for later. Even if you never get round to it it counts as being cleared from the board.

The same goes for punches. Sometimes there’s nothing to smack, other times you’ll find yourself with a powerful card and weak enemies. Pop the punch into the slot at the bottom right of the screen and save it for when it’s going to be more useful.

Think About Bonuses

If you’re getting to the end of the 12 rounds, it’s time to start thinking about bonuses. If you finish the game with just one HP you’ll get an extra reward. End with more than 21 HP and you’ll get one as well.

Sometimes it’s just not possible, but other times it’s definitely something you can aim for. Think about how you can attack or defend to get your own HP to where you need it to be without dying.

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