Zombie Tactics (download from the App Store and Google Play Store) takes ideas from an awful lot of different places. There are shades of Clash Royale, Plants vs Zombies, any number of RTS and tactical RPGs and a whole bunch of other sources. It wraps it up in a single player experience that’s pretty darn engaging all told.

The game sees you defending your base against an oncoming horde of the undead. You can take six different units into the fight with you, and drop them into battle to destroy your flesh-hungry foes.

Each unit costs energy, which is represented by a bar along the bottom of the screen. It regenerates over time, leaving you to make tough decisions about what to play, when. You collect new units as you play and can add them to your hand.

Dead And Loving It

The levels of the game last a few minutes, and it introduces new enemies as you push through the campaign. Your own units have different skills and attributes, including a color system that lets you see whether they’re going to be more or less useful in the coming fight.

There are bosses too, powerful enemies that wait at the end of each chunk of challenges. You need to think quickly, react to new difficulties as and when they appear and make sure you’ve got one eye on destroying the enemy base.

Zombie Tactics doesn’t have the depth of some games, nor the throwaway lightness of others. It sits somewhere in the middle, drawing you in with its familiar ideas.

It’s not quite an RTS, not quite a single player MOBA and not quite a tower defense game. It’s something in between and you’re going to have fun exploring the options that it offers you.

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