Exos Heroes, the gorgeous fantasy RPG that landed on the Google Play Store earlier this year, is getting a ton of new content as it heads into Season 2. 

The North Wind, as the eagerly awaited second season is called, will add new story episodes, heroes, and a couple of new systems to let you enhance your heroes even further than you can already. 

The new story content is set in Brunn, a kingdom ruled by a young matriarch called Neomi. Events continue from where they left off at the end of the last season. 

In case you need a refresher, season one ended with series protagonist Zeon getting into a bruising battle with Shufraken, only to be rescued by his mentor and fellow treasure hunter Schmid, and cared for by Jinai. 

Unfortunately, his bedrest is interrupted by a growing conflict between Neomi and her advisor, Mahar. Zeon, being a heroic type, naturally finds himself becoming embroiled in the situation.

Neomi and Schmid are both new characters to the Exos Heroes universe, and they’re joined by Neomi’s faithful retainers, Dorka and Kylock. 

And joining them is a new Signature Force system, which lets you use a nation’s Fated Hero as material for boosting the synergies and abilities of heroes from the same nation. There’s a new Awaken Hero system, too, letting you boost your heroes to a new and deadlier degree.

Developer LINE Games is marking the arrival of Season 2 with a handful of in-game events. First up is the Gift for 7 Days event, which allows you to bag a few rewards every day for seven days. It starts on September 3rd and lasts until September 24th. 

Once you’ve got your seven you’ll receive a Fated Hero Neomi for your collection, and you can earn even more rewards by enhancing her from five to six stars. 

In addition you can claim 77 free pulls – 11 a day for seven days – from September 3rd to October 1st. 

Exos Heroes is free to download right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store.