Robotics! (download from the App Store and Google Play Store) is the latest game from Zeptolab, and it’s all about building mechanical death machines. It’s a simple, engaging experience, and you’re likely to have a big smile on your face while you play it.

The first part of the game sees you building your robot. There are only a few different bits and pieces to choose from to begin with, but the further you go in the experience the more unique you’ll be able to make your battle-bot.

When you’re happy with your creation, it’s time to take it into the arena. Here you’ll train your robot, showing it some moves that you want it to pull off. These aren’t complex, and you pick them by pulling its legs and weapons in various directions.

Robot Wars

During the fight, your robot will follow your instructions. This often results in some pretty hilarious mistakes, leaving your machine upside down and wiggling uselessly instead of slashing up your opponent.

The battles are short, lasting only a handful of seconds a round, and they’re the best of three rounds. Walls move in from the side of the arena while you fight, pushing you and your foe together. They’ll damage you when you touch them, ensuring that someone always dies and someone always wins.

There’s something pretty compulsive about the whole thing, and tweaking your moves and equipment adds an extra layer to proceedings too. This isn’t the most interactive game in the world, but there’s enough going on to keep you interested.

Robotics! is the sort of game that ends up eating a lot of your time, whether you want it to or not. It’s bright, it’s silly and it’ll keep you entertained for a good long while.

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