If ever there has been a perfect time for a game about zapping pathogens inside an unfortunate patient, it’s right now. 

Fever, from developer Zin Games, sees you manning the defences of a human body under attack. Germs, viruses, parasites, and other microscopic ruffians are attempting to overwhelm an immune system, and it’s your job to stop them. 

At this point you may be picturing a cheesy Space Invaders-style affair, with you blasting germs out of the sky with a medicinal laser cannon. That’s not how Fever works. 

Instead, your weapons are the weapons of the human biome. Your main concern in Fever is temperature regulation, since infection can cause you to run very hot or very cold, with either extreme likely to prove fatal. 

To keep things under control you need to set your target temperature and stay as close to it as possible. 

To turn back the tide of disease you’ll need to learn how to operate the human immune system. You’ll start on minor germs before graduating to the big leagues of viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Some of your more sophisticated adversaries will even absorb blood cells, growing their numbers while shrinking yours. 

The gameplay involves dispatching pathogens and collecting the cellular residue they leave behind. This works as a sort of spendable-resource that you can spend on bolstering your defences. 

The weapons in your armory include red blood cells, which maintain circulation and help with temperature regulation, and white blood cells, which swarm enemies in large numbers, like kamikaze lemmings. 

Each time you purchase more red and white blood cells you’ll have a chance of enjoying bonus effects. These include increasing spawn frequency and amount by a minor or major degree. You can also gain bonus residue. 

Fever boasts a growing number of levels, five bosses, adjustable difficulty, and an Endless mode. It also boasts one of the most innovative concepts around. 

You can download Fever right now on the Google Play Store.