Gacha-RPGs have become hugely popular over the last few years, which inevitably means that a lot of copycat games have appeared on the mobile app stores. 

The formula for a successful free-to-play RPG is so difficult to crack that developers are apparently reluctant to meddle with it too much, which is why we’re always delighted when games like Epic Odyssey come along. 

Developed by Vietnamese studio Hiker Games, Epic Odyssey is a gacha-RPG with a couple of key differences. Firstly, it looks incredible, with clean, colorful high fantasy characters and a bold cartoony aesthetic. And secondly, it gives you a huge open world to navigate at your leisure. 

Simplicity is key to the game’s appeal. Epic Odyssey gives you a stripped-back selection of hero classes and factions – just three of each – and lets you pit teams of five heroes against enemy teams in auto-battles. 

These heroes have plenty of personality, with their own backstories, animations, dialogue, skills, and more.

Being a gacha game, Epic Odyssey lets you acquire these heroes through summoning. You can merge any duplicates in your inventory, and churn the low-tier heroes into higher tier ones to level them up. All very much in keeping with gacha game conventions. 

More unusual is the world map of Lynea Continent, a huge open space that you can explore freely, opening chests, chatting to NPCs, accepting quests, solving puzzles, and getting into battles. 

Presented from an isometric perspective, this element of the game plays almost like a classic Diablo-style action-RPG, albeit with auto-combat rather than the customary hacking and slashing. 

It’s an engaging format, but you don’t have to be engaged with it to make progress. Epic Odyssey also offers idle features, allowing you to make progress while AFK, cutting out the need to grind.

Epic Odyssey looks like the ideal gacha-RPGs for gamers who aren’t necessarily taken by gacha-RPGs.

It’s free right now on Google Play and the App Store, and we recommend checking it out. Redeem the code ODYSSEY in-game to grab extra freebies too.