Looking for a relaxing puzzle game that’s actually going to test your grey matter? Then you should definitely be checking out Slidout.

The game, which is out now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, features everything you could want from a mobile head-scratcher, all in one super-polished package.

The game mixes hyper-casual controls with a deeper experience to create something that’s both familiar and fresh. You’re sliding blocks left and right, but instead of building pictures or making matches, you’re trying to get balls to drop to the bottom of the screen. Free the balls, finish the level.

Slidout is a premium game, so there are no IAPs to get in the way of your enjoyment. Instead you unlock new levels while you play. And those levels have been carefully hand-crafted to give your brain a great workout. Every member of the team at Vixa created a couple of their own levels, meaning there are different styles of challenge for you to try and overcome.

There are no time-limits here, either. Instead, you can complete the puzzles at your own pace. You’ll need to collect keys to move locked blocks, avoid obstacles that can destroy your balls and much, much more. There’s no single way to finish a challenge, so you can jump back in and try a different approach when you’ve completed a level.

Slidout offers a super-slick, really interesting premium puzzling experience. It’s full of new ideas that are going to keep you on your toes, but it’s simple enough that you’re never going to feel overwhelmed. 

A relaxing puzzler, with loads of hand-made and carefully considered levels, that’s easy to pick up and super difficult to put down? What’s not to like. Slidout will set you back 99c, and it’s available right now on the App Store and Google Play.