MU Origin, from Korean developer Webzen, has just passed not one but two milestones. Not only is the game celebrating its fourth birthday, but it’s just reached version 14.0. 

The first mobile descendant of 2001 PC MMO MU Online, MU Origin is a huge fantasy MMORPG set on the expansive MU continent. It sees you picking a class and romping through a huge story campaign.

There are several distinct environments to explore, PvP battles, dungeons, quests, and much, much more. MU Origin is one of the biggest and best multiplayer RPG experiences on mobile. 

It’s also one of the most frequently updated. In a few short years MU Origin has reached its mid-teens, and the 14.0 update brings a host of new features.

First up, there’s the Nobility system, which gives you stronger reverse effects. It unlocks after you reach reverse level 30, and consists of Nobility Grade, Nobility Dungeon, and Nobility Equipment, all of which can be upgraded through the Nobility system.

There are nine different Nobility classes, starting at Novice and climbing the social ladder all the way up to Emperor, passing through Page, Squire, Knight, Baron, Count, Marquess, and Duke along the way. Each class can be enhanced up to ten times, with each upgrade increasing your Nobility properties. After hitting ten you graduate to the next class. 

Equipment, Rewards, and More

Progressing through Nobility classes also levels up your Nobility skills, which you can use against Nobility bosses in Nobility dungeons. 

Naturally, there are nine of these dungeons – one for each class – and each of them has its own unique boss. You can take these bosses on alone or with a party. There’s a daily limit on boss defeats, and once you exceed it you lose the ability to inflict DMG. Each boss respawns three times a day.

If you manage to deal more DMG than anyone else in a given day, you’ll receive drop rewards for your efforts, while defeating boss monsters will net you bounty rewards. 

There’s a host of Nobility equipment, too, including helmet, armor, gloves, boots, shield, and badge, all divided into grades.

And then there’s that event. From the 25th of July till the 2nd of August you can claim a special wing costume , title, footprint, and accessory just for logging in. Plus, there will be additional rewards every day for nine days at 9pm.

As you can tell, there’s a lot to get your teeth into in MU Origin 14.0. You can download the game for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.