Bullet Rush! is a hypercasual top-down shooter that sees you blasting waves of enemies. Kill them all and you’ll move on to the next level. It’s a pretty simple system, but that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t offer its fair share of challenge.

Which is where this guide comes in. We’ve played a lot of the game and discovered a bunch of hints, tips and tricks that are going to help you stay alive and kill all of your enemies. Pretty sweet, right?

If you’ve already played Bullet Rush! and you’ve got your own helpful suggestions, then make sure you add them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, though, here’s our guide to slaughtering everything in Bullet Rush.

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Don’t Waste Your Special

Your special move is a brilliant way of turning the tide of a battle. You unleash it by lifting your finger off the screen. It’s represented by a circle – the bigger the circle, the further your special move is going to fire outwards. You increase the size of the circle by killing.

Any enemies that only take a single shot to kill are going to die if they’re within the circle when you lift up your finger. So don’t waste it when there’s not that many foes in its blast radius. And definitely don’t fire it accidentally, because that’s a massive waste.

Don’t Get Cornered

It’s important to keep on the move, and ensure that you’re not backed into a corner. Stick to the centre of the levels and don’t let the enemies push you backwards.

Instead, circle around them. That way you’re still shooting, you’re keeping out of harm’s way and you’re not going to end up stuck in a cul-de-sac that leads to your death.

Set Traps

You can use the environment to your own advantage. When there’s a break or a piece of scenery that the enemies have to work their way around, stand on the other side of it and shoot them while they go past.

There are other ways to trap your foes as well. Make sure you experiment with how you play. The key is keeping a sensible distance from the killer blobs, while still being able to take them down with your pistols and special move.

Buy a Pet

When you’ve earned 1500 bucks, you should spend it on a pet. They’re not just a cute partner, they’ll also attack the monsters that get too close to you. It doesn’t really matter which one you buy, and they’re all the same price.

You can’t stack your pets either – you can only take one into battle at once. Pick the one you want and then stick with it. You can spend any other money you make on getting new outfits, but they’re just cosmetic.

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