It’s been about 50 days since Exos Heroes launched globally on iOS and Android, and the game has already hit an impressive milestone, racking up 5 million downloads in about a month and a half.

To celebrate, publisher LINE Games is holding a giveaway. From the 24th to the 26th of July you’ll be able to claim 11 free Recruits just for logging in.

But that’s not all. As we cruise through July LINE Games is launching the Summer Festa event, which is set to last all the way through to September the 2nd. 

In case it hasn’t crossed your radar yet, Exos Heroes is a huge, slick gacha RPG set in a massive fantasy world full of monsters, heroes, villains, dragons, magic, and a never-ending supply of turn-based battles. 

The campaign casts you as a swarthy hero in search of Exestruk, the emperor’s sword. Along the way you’ll enrage a local bad guy, unearth and revive a legendary airship, defeat a warlord, and coax an airship captain out of his self-imposed retirement. 

All of this happens, by the way, before you even get to the overworld map, which is dotted with 3D towns and villages to visit.

As the story unfolds you’ll be joined by a growing party of heroes, as well as your trusty dragon buddy, Bitru. You’ll use these heroes to form parties that you can take into battle, with each hero coming with its own skills, elemental affinity, class, and so on.

Combat is one of Exos Heroes’s many highlights, thanks to a couple of innovative touches and a line in highly theatrical skill animations. 

The Exos Heroes Summer Festa event enhances the whole experience with freebies. Throughout the event you’ll net a five-star Bernadette simply for logging in, and there’s also a seven-day check-in event running until July the 22nd that will give you Levistones, gold, and all sorts of other goodies. Finally, there are seven new Fatecores to collect.

On top of that 7 new Summer Festa Fatecores will be updated, and if you share screenshots of your Heroes with Summer Festa Fatecores up to August the 27th you’ll be rewarded based on the number of participants involved. Check out the game’s official Facebook page for more details.

Pretty irresistible. If you haven’t yet sampled the joys of Exos Heroes, now’s the time. Download it for free right now on Google Play and the App Store