Ever wondered how a person gets to make a show like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad? 

Series Makers Tycoon is here to show you the ropes. Developed by fresh-faced indie outfit Crew Studio Krüger, it sees you working your way up from humble TV enthusiast into superstar showrunner and mogul over the course of an enthralling 30 year career. 

You start off as a student at Netklix University (ahem), where you’ll develop your first series, learning how the game works in the process. Series Makers Tycoon uses a super-slick, simple interface that lets you quickly and easily pair up settings and themes.

For example, you might want to combine the theme of Hacker with Zombies, or Racing with Dragons, set in the Future, or Space, or Medieval times. All in all there are 336 different combinations to experiment with.

Once you’ve done your time showing your tinpot productions to your classmates and friends, you’ll get an opportunity to put something on TV, and your career will start to take off. 

You’ll move into your own office, recruit staff, and acquire new skills, allowing you to make bigger and better shows, occupy bigger and better premises, build new facilities, and even create your own streaming platform to rival Netflix. 

There are tons of options to tweak along the way, from deciding how much action, humor, and complexity to put in your productions to deciding the bravery, intelligence, and happiness of your protagonists. 

Series Makers Tycoon is a streamlined management sim with a fun theme and surprising amount of depth. There are more than a dozen TV stations, 100 research options, a variety of different characters to add and stories to create, seven different jobs to fill, and much more. 

It’s on sale, too, so head to Google Play or the App Store to pick up Series Makers Tycoon right now.