Samurai Flash is a game about running around and cutting up anything that looks at you funny. There are some interesting twists here though, and more to the game than you might first think.

And that’s where this guide comes in. We’ve put a good chunk of time into the game and discovered its secrets. And now we’re going to share all of the hints, tips and tricks that we’ve discovered with you, our charming readers.

Got your own Samurai Flash cheats to share? Then make sure you add them into the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before we get there though, here’s our ultimate guide to everything you need to know to succeed in Samurai Flash.

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Control Your Speed

The faster you move, the faster everything else in the game moves. That means you can slow things down and consider your next move. This is super important when you’re getting shot at, because you can slow the bullets and work out which way to dodge.

You don’t need to run through everything at top speed to get the best points, so don’t be afraid to slow things down. Consider what needs to be done, then speed up to do it.

Watch The Hostages

On levels where you need to protect hostages, make sure to keep a decent distance between you and them. Your instinct might be to put yourself between the hostage and the attacker, but more often than not that’s going to see you killing the wrong person.

That’s because you’ve got swords on either side of you. Instead, head for the attacker and try and get behind them before they get too close to the hostage. That’ll slice them up and make sure you’re not putting the hostage in danger.

Watch The Edge

Be careful not to fall off the edge of the level. You’re going to lose if you tumble to your death, so make sure that you’re not coming too close to the limits of the levels.

Sometimes you’re going to have to fall off the edge to move to the next part of the level. Here you should make sure you slow things down to ensure you’re going to land on the platform and don’t miss it.

You Can Cut Projectiles

You don’t need to dodge projectiles – you can slice them. If any part of a projectile hits your sword, it stops being deadly. That means it’s sometimes a good idea to twist to hit the projectile side-on. That way you’re cutting it instead of running into it.

When you can avoid projectiles it’s a good idea, but use their flimsy nature as a back-up. It’s especially useful when there’s a whole bunch of them flying in your direction.

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