Sometimes you don’t want a game that you’re going to lose hours of your life to. Sometimes you want a bit of action, a bit of thinking and a lot of fun. And that’s where games like Elemental Dungeon come in. It’s not your standard brainless mobile experience, but it’s not going to consume your every waking second either.

The game sees you trawling through the titular dungeon. You’re an adventurer who can channel the power of the elements. In essence, that means you can shoot a bunch of different beams of energy at the denizens of the underground labyrinth.

Elemental Party Kills

Controls are a bit like a twin-stick shooter. A joystick on the left lets you move, a joystick on the right lets you fire. Around that right stick there are your elements – select them to equip. So far so simple, but things get more interesting when you realise you can combine your elements.

Combinations unlock more powerful moves. Lightning plus earth? You’ve got yourself a set of mines that explode when enemies get too close. Lightning plus fire? Say hello to a beam of deadly plasma that’s going to roast and frazzle anything it touches.

You’ll work your way through small rooms. Kill everything in the room and you’ll unlock the exit, as well as revealing a chest filled with gold. As you level up you’ll gain new skills and powers, and there are different items to buy and equip too.

Each run through the dungeon is different, and you’re starting off from square one. You’ll find different elements to equip, and discover new combinations that can help you take down the toughest enemies.

Elemental Dungeon is fun in all the right ways. It’s unlikely it’s going to win any game of the year awards, but it’s a brilliant way to waste a few minutes. This is the perfect shaped commute roguelite, and it’s going to keep your fingers and your brain busy without getting you too furious or frustrated.

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