Pokemon Cafe Mix has just come out for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. It’s an adorable match-stuff puzzler that’s packed to the rafters with your favorite Pokemon. You’re matching their cute faces in order to make delicious food.

The mechanics are simple, but there are some extra tricks you can learn to ensure you’re making every dish in the quickest and most effective way. And lucky you, we’ve put all of those hints and tips in one easy to digest guide. It’s this one, that you’re reading right now.

Have you played the game? Got your own helpful suggestions? Or maybe you’re stuck on a level or a challenge? Then make sure you let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that though, here are the best beginner hints, tips and tricks for Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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Use The Right Pokemon

At the start of every level you’ll want to check you’re using the right Pokemon for the dish you’re making. If you’re using a Pokemon of a different type to the food or drink you’re creating, it’s going to be tougher to finish the challenge.

You’ll see whether or not you’ve got the right Pokemon for the job, and if you haven’t which one you should be using. Swap out to the right pocket monster for the job and you’ll be completing every level with ease.

Don’t Waste Special Moves

You want to make sure you’re using your special moves as effectively as possible. Once you’ve selected one a timing bar ticks away, and when it’s empty it’s going to fire whether or not it’s in the right position. Be quick, otherwise you’re going to waste them.

Using them to clear Pokemon is also a waste, unless you’ve already collected all the ingredients you need to complete a level. Smashing ingredients with a special move clears them instantly – you’ll need to match next to them three times to get rid of them without that.

Claim Your Rewards

The game often gives you rewards. You’ll get gifts after completing certain orders, and there are challenges to complete that give you even more goodies. Make sure you collect them whenever they arrive, because they’re super helpful.

Any time you can add a new power up or some more acorns to your stock then you should make sure you’re doing it. You’ll be surprised how handy they can be when you’re in a tight spot.

Don’t Waste Acorns On Pointless Retries

When you run out of moves before completing a level you’ll be given an option to spend some acorns to get three more moves. If it’s not obvious that you’re going to be able to complete the level using those moves, don’t bother.

You’ll lose a heart to retry the level from the beginning, but you’ll often find that the level is much easier to finish the second time round. Save your acorns for when you’re super close to the finish and will definitely be able to complete the level with the extra goes.

Make The Biggest Match

You should always be trying to make the biggest matches you can. The more Pokemon you include in your matches, the more you’re going to be filling up your special move bar. And the more points you’re going to be scoring.

Sometimes you need to clear a set amount of Pokemon to finish a level, so focus on getting rid of those over matching the others. But for the most part, the best match is the one that clears the most critters and bags you the most points.

Download Pokemon Cafe Mix from the App Store and the Google Play Store