Sneaker Art is a game all about designing the perfect sneaker. You’re in charge of a shoe shop and it’s up to you to make sure you’re selling the coolest, most up-to-date designs.

It’s a pretty simple idea, but there are some extra layers to the game that you’re going to need to understand to get the most out of it. Which is where this guide comes in. We’ve put hours into the game and reckon we’ve discovered a whole bunch of helpful hints, tips and tricks.

If you’ve got your own helpful suggestions to share, or if you’re stuck on something in particular in the game, then let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that though, here’s our guide to making the perfect shoe every time in Sneaker Art.

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Long Press To Select

When you’re painting you need to make sure you’re painting the correct part of the shoe. To do that you need to long press over the area you want to change the color of.

Don’t worry too much if you start painting the wrong area, you can always go back over it with the right hue. With some smaller areas you’ll need to be super precise, but take your time and you’ll be fine.

Unlock Whenever You Can

You need to unlock new boxes, laces and other accoutrements. When you’ve got a chance, watch a video to unlock something new. You’ll often complete challenges for using unlocked items, and that’ll bag you more cash.

That’s cash you can spend on even more unlocks. The more you have unlocked, the more unique your sneaker creations are going to be. And that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

Design Your Own Shoes

Once you’ve completed the shop design of a new shoe, you can make your own versions to go on the shelves. It’s important to go back and do this, because you’ll unlock new styles the more shoes you design.

This is the part of the game where you can really let your creative juices flow. And remember to use your unlocks to gain even more money every time you sell a pair of the shoes you’ve created.

Special Customers

Whenever you get special customers, make sure you serve them. You’ll need to watch a video to do it, but the rewards at the end of the design are going to really help you.

You need to make sure you nail these designs, so double check everything before you send them out otherwise you might find yourself losing out on the extra cash.

Tap The Image To Check It

If you’re unsure about whether you’ve made a perfect design, you can tap on the image of the shoe to zoom in. Look closely at all of the pieces to ensure you’ve nailed it.

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