Money Buster! is a game about finding dud money and getting rid of it. It’s split up into a series of different levels, each offering a slightly different challenge that you need to complete. Some of the levels are pretty straightforward, but there are trickier puzzles that need some explanation.

That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve played a bunch of the game and discovered the hints, tips and tricks that are going to take your scores to the next level. Trust us, with these you’re going to find all of the dirty money.

If you’ve got your own tips and tricks you’d like to share, then make sure to chuck them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that though, here’s our guide to Money Buster!

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Spot The Difference

When there are two notes with above each other, you need to spot the differences between the two. You can tap on either, and at the start of the level you’ll see a brief glimpse of green rings that show you where the differences are.

Some of them are pretty obvious, but there are going to be some trickier ones. Take your time, check out what’s wrong and you’ll be fine.

Hit The Green

On any levels where you need to tap to stop a bar, you need to hit the green space in the bar. Sometimes it’s almost impossible, but you don’t need to complete every part of the level to move forwards.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the line in the money cutting levels. It turns green when it’s in the perfect place. You’ll want to chop just before it does that, otherwise you’ll be slicing in the wrong place.

Tap The Keys

You’ll see keys floating around in bubbles while you play through the game. Tap on these to catch them. When you’ve got three keys you’ll be able to unlock a few chests to get some more points.

There are also video bubbles that can get you more points. Tapping these will make you watch a video, and you’ll get the extra score at the end of the video.

Check Every Corner

While the early levels where you’re checking for fake money are pretty simple, they get more difficult the more you play. Make sure you’re checking every corner of the note to see if there are any imperfections.

Those imperfections can be splodges or scribbles, so make sure you’re checking with both the magnifying glass and the light. If you spot anything that looks wrong, shred the note.

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