The roguelike genre has found a space on the App Store, thanks mainly to the turn-based nature of the controls. Peak’s Edge is a fine example of that, and it mixes in a unique style and some puzzling elements to make something really interesting.

If you’ve played any of Kenny Sun’s other pyramidal games, then you’re going to be pretty familiar with the controls. You’re moving around on a grid made of triangles, with each move putting a different face of your pyramid down.

This time round, the faces of that pyramid are covered in armour. They’re covered in armour because there are other pyramids out there that are trying to impeded your progression to the level exit.

You start off with simple blue armour – it takes a hit and disappears, revealing your vulnerable, squishy red underbelly. There are chunks of new armour on the floor, and stopping on them attaches them to you.

Armoured Pyramids

The new armour is also primed with buffs and boosts that change the way the game plays. Some give you attacks, some spin you around or smash the walls that block your way. An image at the top of the screen lets you know which face of the pyramid is currently on the ground, so you can work out which way to go next.

The armour and attackers add a really interesting level of complexity to the experience. You’ll level up too, and add new powers to your repertoire. These have different cool downs and can come in really useful for getting you out of tricky situations.

Peak’s Edge is a smart and engaging experience that’s easy to pick up and pretty damn hard to put down. There’s thinking to do, and loads of stuff to unlock as well. If you’re looking for a roguelite with a hefty chunk of bite, then it’s definitely worth picking up.

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