Pretty much exactly a year ago, Beardy Games released a sci-fi pixel-art game called Ailment. It was an instant hit, racking up over half a million downloads and an impressive 4.5 average review score on Google Play. 

The prequel, Endurance, has just launched. But before we get into that we’d better have a quick recap so that we know where we are in the story. 

In Ailment, you play as a hapless astronaut who wakes up from a three day coma to discover that his crewmates have turned into bloodthirsty savages.

At first it’s not clear how this unfortunate situation came about. The last thing your character remembers is returning from a rescue mission aboard a stricken ship, on which everybody had already died. Eventually you learn that they were all struck down by a virus. Topical.

Cue a storyline in which you gradually learn the truth while joining forces with fellow survivors and shooting an endless stream of zombies in the face. 

Endurance takes place before the events of Ailment, aboard the ill-fated laboratory spaceship that the main character had visited before his coma. So you know the game has a less than rosy conclusion.

This prequel boasts exactly the same charming pixel-art visuals, lively dialogue, and action-packed gameplay as its predecessor. Once again you’ll charge around in a creepy sci-fi environment, using rad weapons, meeting friendly NPCs, and generally soaking up the lightly handled sci-fi horror vibe.

And once again the story is excellent. If you played the original Ailment you’ll be able to identify healthy NPCs who were murderous zombies when you saw them last, when you were playing Ailment, and it was the future. 

Endurance offers a ton of weapons, variable gameplay mechanics, brutal animations, well-drawn characters, and much more. 

Head to Google Play or the App Store to download the game right now.