Lords Mobile, IGG’s hugely popular strategy MMO, has just been updated with a brand new Sanctuary feature, along with Captured Leader changes and other tweaks. 

The Sanctuary is a type of building, found beside the Transmutation Lab, in which you can offer refuge to wounded soldiers when your Infirmary is full. It lets you bring them back to life with the Goddess’s aid.

We can see this feature being a real game-changer, letting you circulate units back into battle much faster than before.

There’s just one catch: units lost in Wonder battles are not eligible to be healed in the Sanctuary, so you’ll need to juggle your resources accordingly.

Alongside this major new bit of content the latest update makes a number of changes big and small. 

One of these is Auto Use, which sees the game automatically calculating and using Speed Up cards and resources to complete projects such as building upgrades, research, training, healing, and so on. This should free you up to focus on your military masterplan. 

Plays the Lords

In another time-saving tweak, bonuses are now displayed in Building upgrades, research, Trap building/repair, Gear crafting, and so on. 

IGG has made changes to the way Leader boosts work, too. In a nutshell, boosts such as Talents, Equipment, and Hero’s Battle Skills will remain active even when a Leader is captured. Deployed boosts, meanwhile, will remain inactive. 

Lords Mobile, in case you don’t already know, is one of the most highly acclaimed fantasy MMOs on mobile, with well over 5 million user reviews on Android and iOS. 

It sees you building a kingdom, recruiting heroes, forging alliances, battling with other players around the world, and dealing with the finer points of military strategy and tactics. In other words, all the good stuff. 

You can download Lords Mobile right now, for free, on Google Play, the App Store, and Steam