Battle Divas: Slay Mecha isn’t your average gacha game. But let us be clear: it’s still a gacha game. 

The factor that distinguishes this one from all the others is that you don’t summon characters. Instead, you obtain weapons that in turn enable you to unlock new characters, as well as various items to enhance the ones you’ve got. All of that comes from loot crates.

Crucially, all of the game’s characters will come into your possession if you play the campaign through.

Before we get into all that, though, let’s take a look at combat. 


Like every mobile RPG, Battle Divas lets you play battles automatically, in sped up form. And, as with every other mobile RPG, it’s likely that you’ll avail yourself of this option for the first little while, since every fight will be a foregone conclusion anyway. 

But when the going gets tough you need to take the training wheels off. And this is where Battle Divas: Slay Mecha starts to really distinguish itself from its genre counterparts. 

Each character has a range of attributes. At the most basic level, these are Attack, HP, Defense, and Resist. As you complete battles your characters gain XP, level-up, and all of these attributes level-up in turn. 

Then there are star ratings. These are tied to weapons – every time a character gets a new weapon, they get a new star. You can choose which weapon to equip for battle. 

They also have passive skills, weapon skills, and ultimate skills. Passive skills are buffs that are applied automatically at the beginning of each turn, weapon skills are simply a weapon’s effect, and ultimate skills become available after a certain number of turns, with a cooldown following their deployment. 

A final word on weapon skills: each weapon has its own range of effect, which can either be the squares surrounding a character, a cluster of squares at a distance if that character is a ranged attacker, or one of several other patterns. 

These attack patterns dictate how you move your characters around when battling manually. To move, you just tap a character to reveal the grid of possible moves, with targets appearing over your enemies when an attack is possible.

But movement isn’t only about getting into the best position to attack. During battles various power-up capsules appear on the ground. Some of these reduce the cooldown time between ultimate skills, some restore your health, and so on. You’ll need to keep an eye on these to maximise your chances of success.       

Finally, each character has a full set gear effect. This is a powerful effect that occurs when a character has a full matching complement of gear from the same item set.

Each battle comes with its own star criteria. For instance, you might be asked to defeat a certain number of enemies with a certain character, finish the battle within a certain number of turns, suffer no casualties, and so on. The better you do, the better your rating at the end.   

Levelling Up, Ascending, Crafting, and Enhancing

Your characters level-up automatically as you gain XP. You gain XP by completing campaign battles, participating in events, completing challenges, and so on. Basically, playing the game. 

You can also level up using potions. Levelling up increases your characters’ stats. When a character reaches level 40, you need to ascend them before you can upgrade them further. To ascend, you need to obtain a character’s exclusive weapon, which adds a star and opens up more biochip slots and increases their max level.

Naturally, there are multiple other systems for souping-up your army of kickass waifus and their gear.

You acquire gear and items through battles, quests, daily rewards, events, and so on. You also acquire them by opening chests. These chests come to you through normal gameplay, but you can also buy them with crystals. Chests come in various forms, such as battle and enhancement. 

As with every free-to-play mobile RPG, Battle Divas: Slay Mecha contains a wealth of different gear and currency types. These include potions, gold, crystals, prisms, rimes, and so on. To check out your inventory just head to Warehouse.

There are five distinct categories of gear: accessory, battle suit, badge, generic set, and exclusive set. You enhance gear with rimes. Once a gear blueprint is maxed, you can develop it by spending gear shards.

As well as a level, each character has a star rating, which is defined by the number of guns they own. Working your way through the campaign allows you to unlock new weapons, and therefore characters, and you can enhance weapons too, using chips. 

To see where to find the material you need to carry out a modification, just head tap on a weapon, and then on the chip you need in order to modify it. The level you need to complete to obtain the material is displayed at the bottom.

Finally, biochips. You unlock these in chapter 4 of the campaign, and craft them with biochip essence. There are various different biochips, and equipping them applies permanent buffs. For instance, White Lv1 gives you HP+50, and biochip Dawn Lv1 gives you Defense+10.

As ever, there’s a lot more under the hood for you to discover and tinker with at your leisure, but this brief guide should start you off on the right track.

Good luck! Check out the game for yourself – for free – right now on Google Play and the App Store.